Wednesday Wellness: 5 Medication Facts That Will Do You More Harm Than Good


“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.”

There just isn’t enough words to explain how terrifyingly true this is. The modern culture we have all come to naturally be a part of has become excessive in many ways, if not all aspects of life. From personal food consumption to social lifestyles, our body’s balance has been thrown far off the equilibrium. I know, I know. We are human. The chances of ever being in perfect balance is painfully slim. But if we can avoid letting ourselves propel in all sorts of directions and get our mind, body and spirit as close to a balance as we can, then why the hell not?

Our excessive habits in this current era of extravagance have become alarmingly ingrained in our nature that our sacrifice comes with the expense of our health. I’m not saying we have to go back to the ways of the ancient times (which is ridiculously impossible). But we have to be aware of how we are treating our bodies and what we are feeding them. We have to be aware of how we can help ourselves when our health isn’t up to par. When you fall sick, what do you turn to? Medicine? Then you might want to brace yourselves. What you think is helping you, may not really be what it seems.

We have come to depend so much on the modern medicine that we have yet to stop and ask ourselves. Is the medicine I’m taking really helping me? Yes, it is helping you for that one particular discomfort or sickness. But what you may not really realise is that, that one tablet can bring your whole system into utter confusion and chaos in the long run. Chaos like these;


These pharmaceutical drugs not only contain healing natural substances, but they are also loaded with nasty chemicals that are pretty much damaging. I know you know that. But these companies can’t produce purely natural ‘medicine’ because then, they are not in control of their production as they have to depend on nature and the crops’ yields. So the way to do so, they synthesise them and patent them. The scary thing is by synthesising a drug, they introduce foreign molecules that the body is never meant to take in. Non-toxic natural substances are easily eliminated by the body when its use has run its course and up to a point, your body is even able to handle toxic natural substances. But when your body receives synthetic substances, metabolising it becomes a problem as all your organs reject them and so these toxins gets stored in a long term waste holding area, which is usually the fat tissue. They remain in your body for years even decades, influencing the way your body system functions. Imagine how much toxins your body has been enduring all these time!


Have you ever thought why the doctor gave you so many medications in one go? One for inflammation, another for fever, and another one to simply stop the diarrhoea? It’s because they are one-dimensional, programmed to carry out one action in the body without being able to adapt to certain body changes. Everyone’s body is different and every condition is different, so when a body condition changes, that drug will still do what it is supposed to do even if they are no longer beneficial. These drugs misinform our bodies into giving the symptoms of a certain illness, but never at all deal with the cause of the disease.


Like I mentioned before, the body is not designed to metabolise such synthetic substances. Instead they latch on to your cells and tissues. It’s like leeches sticking onto your skin, but permanently. Okay, that’s a disgusting analogy, but you get what I mean. These drugs cling onto your system by confusing and clogging your receptors and in turn, toxify your body’s natural flow. By doing so, your bodily functions is disrupted and your immune system is weakened. Antibiotics are known to attack the bacteria in your body, both good and bad. We need our good angelic bacteria for our immune system to fight against the bad guys (a.k.a.) viruses, so when we’re all out of them, our immune system goes down the drain with them too. Scary thought ain’t it?


Which brings me to my next point. Our system is in bits of disarray and our immune is on the down low, prone to new viruses. It’s like our protective wall against the enemy is filled with holes and arrows of viruses come rushing in to our castle cells without a fight. Here I go again with my analogy. But you get the drift. And such, our dependence on more medicine heightens. This may be a stretch but it is almost like our body is addicted to pharmaceutical drugs.


This is when our body goes into an imbalance. Your body requires electrolytes need to maintain an even balance of certain minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium to name a few. When your system is filled with synthetic toxins like the ones found in antibiotics, your electrolytes are confused. They can’t function the way it should resulting in either absorbing too much or too little minerals. Neither is what we want.

I’m not saying we should all boycott pharmaceutical drugs entirely, but it is good to know what you are filling your body with. It’s understandable that sometimes modern medicine is your ‘safest’ choice as they may yield quick results. But even if natural remedies like herbs and therapeutic essential oils (find out more about it on the link) are taking their own sweet time, they are doing their best to balance your body back into its natural state. They are able to adapt to your bodily conditions. That’s how nature works right? It’s been almost a year since I have taken any sorts of medications, and I’m living proof that it is possible. Be kind to your body.

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