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I was one of the many who depended on pain relief medications. From the tiniest migraines to the mildest of discomforts, my medicine pouch was FILLED with paracetamols amongst others. And believe me, there were heaps of other medications I brought along with me everywhere I went. That is… Until Young Living oils became such a significant part of my life.

Peppermint isn’t just a flavour for your chocolates nor is it just a menthol addition for your toothpaste. Peppermint is one of the oldest therapeutic herbs that has been effective in relieving cold and tummy discomforts, amongst many others. With a strong and fresh aroma, Peppermint oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils there is from Young Living.
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One of the 9 (or 10) oils in the Young Living Everyday Oils Kit, Peppermint essential oil is definitely a staple oil for my run-of-the-mill purposes from nausea to car freshener. Given Young Living Farms’ organic culture of harvesting and their careful extraction of steam distillation (with low temperature and pressure), it’s no wonder how potent and powerful these oils are in balancing one’s body, mind and spirit. Mind you, one drop of Peppermint oils is equivalent to almost 20 cups of Peppemint tea!
With such a potency, it’s important to note that one oil can induce different reactions for different people. For example, the peppermint oil helps to energize my body while relieving any pains and discomfort I might have while some others felt that it helps calm them down and sleep better at night. So do have a read here at Young Living Essential Oils 101 to get you jump started with the Young Living lifestyle on a more informed note.
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So let’s break this down shall we?
  1. Diffuse to help maintain healthy focus and concentration (or relaxation for some people)
  2. 1 to 2 drops on palms, rub hands together and cup in front your nose to relieve nose congestion (and a great pick-me-up too!)
  3. Inhale to help with nausea and dizziness
  4. Drop 1 drop onto palm of your hand and rub hand in front of your car’s air conditioner to improve air circulation
  1. Natural air-conditioner – a drop or two on arms or neck when you’re feeling warm
  2. Rub 2-3 drops on spinal cord area or soles of feet to ease fever (dilute with V6 or any natural carrier oil). Alternatively, use a wet compress that’s been soaked in peppermint water and compress arm pits, neck and back.
  3. Rub on temples and behind the ears to help with dizziness or nausea
  4. Rub 3-4 drops (dilute with carrier oil) on tummy area in a clockwise direction to soothe stomach discomfort
  5. Rub 2 drops (dilute with carrier oil) to relieve sore muscles
  6. Add 1-2 drops in water (preferrably with Epsom Salt) to your footbath to relieve sore feet
  7. Rub 1-2 drops on bruised areas (unbroken skin) to prevent more bruising
  8. Rub on sinus areas to help with blocked nose (make sure to dilute and not to come in contact with eyes)
  9. Peppermint oil is a driver oil which means it has the effect in driving the oils deeper into your tissues. If you are using other oils for other specific needs, such as Helichyrsum (for nerve regeneration) you may want to apply Peppermint oil after to make the oils work faster. This can also be used for ingesting purposes.
  1. Drop 1-2 drops under tongue to improve concentration 
  2. Add 1 drop to water or tea to soothe stomach discomfort (make sure they’re NOT plastic wares)
  3. Alternatively, drop 1-2 drops on tongue and swallow to soothe stomach discomfort
  4. Drop 1 drop on tongue to prevent bad breath
  1. Make peppermint water spray in glass spray bottle by adding 1 drop per 150ml for a cooling mist when the sun gets unbearable. Traveling AC! 😉
  2. Add to food for flavouring
  3. Make homemade peppermint lotion with Coconut Oil
  4. Make homemade peppermint lozenges
  5. Add 1 drop in cotton balls and place in air vents to help circulate air in rooms, especially in hotels when traveling
  1. Always be mindful when using oils on children. It is best to dilute to be safe as peppermint oil is extremely potent. Let the children smell the oils and you will know which they like and dislike! 
  2. Keep peppermint oil use to a minimum when nursing, as it may hinder milk supply for some.
  3. Avoid use around eye area and broken skin (only bruises and insect bites).
  4. Always try to dilute with V6 Oil or any natural pure carrier oils OR do a skin test on a small area first. Rashes that come and go within hours means that it is a detox effect while rashes that stay for longer may signify your sensitive skin’s allergic reaction to its potency. So try topical use to a minimum or on soles of feet as they are the least sensitive parts of your skin.
Personally, it’s one of my favourites for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Its versatility makes it cost-effective and a crowd favourite. With any oils, trial and error is best as some oils may work differently for others. So try it out and let me know if you found any other positive change for yourself or your kids or your friends or your cousins, parents, brother’s friends, sister-in-law’s aunt……… You get the drift 😉
*Disclaimer: The information on Yours Naturely is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases, illnesses or imbalances and should not be used in place of medical advice from your health care professionals. It is provided from personal experiences and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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