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Any fans of lemon water? Hands up! I’m sure you’re familiar with this trend of using lemon slices in water and I admit, I was one of the followers. That is until I learned the gross truth. You’ve been warned.

Studies have shown that a whooping 70% of the lemons used in restaurants’ lemon water enhances microbial growth. Lemons may be known to possess antimicrobial properties but researchers have found a horrifying truth, that those microorganisms we were trying to avoid with lemons are surviving on the very flesh and rinds on the slices that have been exposed to human fecal matters. Yea… I’m still trying to digest that in….


For those using lemons at home, sure it may be more hygienic. But let’s dig a little deeper shall we? Albeit we do need our doses of vitamins and minerals and lemons are high in that department. But there are a couple of things to note if you’re a frequent lemon water drinker. Due to the high citric acid content of the lemon flesh, there is a couple of precautions to know like harming your tooth enamel, acid reflux and heartburn. And that’s where we go to the next point. D-Limonene.

D-Limonene is an oil nutrient found in the citrus peels that has proven to have chemopreventative and chemotherapeutic benefits. It is the essence in metabolising one’s body as it has a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. But how much of those lemons peels exactly are you willing to consume?

In general the rinds are what we really need as they alkalize our body which helps in detoxing your system. But keep in mind of the waxy nature of those lemon rinds as they’ve been exposed to extreme pesticides and organisms that we can’t even begin to imagine.

So that’s where Young Living lemon essential oil comes in.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.22.41 am

With the cautious cold pressed extraction from the organic lemon rinds that Young Living farms practice, it takes approximately 3,000 lemons to produce 2 lbs of lemon oil. That almost equals to 2 lemon rinds per drop of oil! Imagine that! Containing 68% of d-limonene, it is more versatile than using lemon fruit itself to cleanse the toxins in your body and your surroundings with many different ways you can rejuvinate your home and everyday life. With its diverse usage, it is definitely a better investment for all your health benefits!


1. Kickstart your circulatory system by starting your day with a drop of lemon oil per 16 oz of room temp water/juice/tea/coffee.
2. Add a few drops to your cooked chicken/fish before serving for a fresh lemon scent (try not to add before cooking as the heat will alter any therapeutic properties it contains)
3. Add 10 drops to an empty vegetable capsule to aid UTI infections as it supports your circulatory system
4. Frequent water + lemon drinks will also aid in allergies you suffer from in the long run


1. Lemon oil is a natural cleaning agent from stains to germs. You may also use it to refreshing your fruits and vegetables by adding a drop or two to a bowl of water and rinse them in it.
2. Make a homemade refreshing cleaner for your tables, furnitures and floors (or anything really!) by making a lemon water spray in a glass spray bottle. And it’s kid-friendly! Jackpot!
3. Use lemon oil to remove grease, oil stains, glue or adhesive and they’ll be as good as new
4. Add a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge to eliminate odors
5. Add a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and chuck it in your vacuum cleaner for a refreshing scent
6. Diffuse for a clean and fresh surrounding. It’s relaxing AND supports your respiratory system too!
7. Mix with Purification oil and make a water spray and use as an air freshener


1. Its high D-limonene content helps to alleviate corns, bunions and callouses by rubbing the oil on affected area frequently
2. Massage with carrier oil (I recommend YL’s Cel-Lite Oil) on cellulite to help with circulation
4. Place a drop on mouth sores and ulcers to support its relieving process
5. Rub a few drops on foot to soothe athlete’s foot
6. Make an Epsom Salt water bath (for body or simply just feet) with lemon oil to promote healthy skin and cleanse unwanted chemicals from body, especially after a swim in the pool

With these oils’ high content of d-limonene, I am pretty sure that this list is incomplete (if you want to know more about the benefits of d-limonene, check this article out!) These are simply recounts of testimonials so any more additions are very much welcome! So try it out and who knows you might come across something new for yourself!


*Disclaimer: The information on Yours Naturely is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases, illnesses or imbalances and should not be used in place of medical advice from your health care professionals. It is provided from personal experiences and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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