My IIN (Health) Journey So Far…

5afff377bc5887639c5d51f955125e52 If you’ve been following my Instagram for awhile, you’d know that I’ve recently taken on the Integrative Nutrition course. It’s only Week 3 and I cannot be any more pleased with that decision. I’ve been thinking about taking this step for quite some time now and whether I should make this investment but most importantly, which school to choose. With so many nutrition courses out there I was starting to get overwhelmed by the numerous options! But it all came down to one thing and that was the one important reason why I decided on taking on this journey. I wanted to learn more about what it means to be healthy and what constitutes it. And I for one know that it’s not just the body. With that, Integrative Nutrition wins. I’m not saying that it works for everyone, but it works for me.

61lakmoAb-L If there’s one thing that I can only take from this course, is that bio-individuality exists. Whether we like it or not. What works for one person, may not work for another. However what Integrative Nutrition does, is that it covers all (or most) bases that we need to be informed of to really be education on the different kinds of dietary theories. Another important addition is the fact that we all tend to overlook. Everything else in our life that has nothing to do with what we eat. But are they really unrelated though? I’m starting to believe everything in our lives are interconnected. Our relationships, our work, our social life, our dietary habits and all that jazz. IMG_9126 Anyways, one of my biggest pet peeves is people’s misunderstanding about health. Some may say having healthy food makes you healthy and some may think that one type of diet fits all. But this bio-computer we call our body is made so different from one another, how can we be sure that one diet is best for everyone? How can we be sure that just because of the food we eat, we’re healthy? What about our mental health? Our social health? Our spiritual health? That’s something to think about isn’t it? Like I’ve said before time and time again, I’m not a vegan but I do have a more plant-based diet. I mostly eat at home and I have mostly food from fresh produce. I try my best to limit my animal products while cutting off dairy with mostly gluten-free alternatives food. But honestly, it’s not that easy when mostly everyone in my environment are eating whatever they want and I’m still having the difficulty to stand strong on my dietary beliefs when I’m out and about. IMG_9142 Apart from food, I like my workouts from Aerial Arts to running to strength training from time to time. I haven’t been very consistent with that but I have recently started with Yoga and Meditation and it’s been helping with my nerves so so much. When I say spiritual health, it doesn’t have to be just about religion. Even yoga and meditation can help with one’s spiritual health and I’d like to believe it’s helping mine. It’s a slow process but slow and steady wins the race right? Not that there’s a race to win. Just my health to strive for. That’s one of my favourite things about IIN. It’s a very personal journey as I get to really reflect on myself and my goals. Especially for the next 12 months. I can’t be more excited for what I will be learning, generally and personally. What about you? What are your health goals for the year? Xx

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