Everyday Oils – Purification


How does one fare with being loved up by mosquitoes? And I don’t mean that in a good way. But then again, is there even a hint of good to it? NO THANK YOU! I’ve always been the one to get their “oh-so-lovely” bites. And I do not mean just one, so having a peaceful al fresco dinner can get pretty darn annoying for me. I mean, looking around to see people around me having a great time and me itching and scratching to red bumps from those infuriating mozzies just means that I’ve to be extra prepared.

And that’s where Young Living’s Purification blend oil comes in. Purification is a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin (different from lavender), Rosemary, Melaleuca Alternifolia and Myrtle essential oils and altogether, their combined benefits produce a wonderfully purifying concoction. I would hate to say disinfectant, but with what Purification has done fore me, it definitely comes close. Don’t worry, when I say disinfectant, it does NOT smell like your bathroom cleaner! In fact, it has a crisp and refreshing aroma that I have come to really love and I hope you will too… So how do we use it?

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  1. Diffuse using Young Living’s diffusers to clear unpleasant odors, works as insect repellant as well.
  2. Add a few drops to a cotton ball to eliminate stale air in any room. You can place in AC vents in your hotel room, in your vacuum bags or even laundry as well.
  3. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place them in your shoes after use to neutralize odors.
  4. Make a homemade spray with natural water in a glass bottle spray for when travelling. Spray around the hotel room when you come in to deter any insects.


  1. Make a homemade bug repellant spray with a glass bottle and natural water. It can also be used as a freshener.
  2. Put a drop on palm of hand and dab on bug bites but do not spread around, simply dot on the bite itself. Don’t use too much as it may be too strong if you do have sensitive skin. (Dilute with Young Living’s V6 Vegetable Oil Complex or cold-pressed all natural coconut oil to be safe)

The great thing about Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils is that their versatile use goes far and beyond one specific need. Every body reacts different and it’s your responsibility to trial and error on what works best for you and your alone. In the case of blend oils like Purification, their usage is wide as the components of each and every oil can be used as a substitute. If you’re out of lemongrass or melaleuca alternafolia, use Purification instead (with care)! Of course their properties will not be as powerful but it’s a good enough substitute. Now isn’t that a great way to live? Holistic in a whole new level ain’t it?


*Disclaimer: The information on Yours Naturely is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases, illnesses or imbalances and should not be used in place of medical advice from your health care professionals. It is provided from personal experiences and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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