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Prevention is always better than cure. That is if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the Thieves oil blend! Supporting a healthy immune function, Young Living’s Thieves oil comprises of powerful oils such as Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary.


I’ve always wondered why they called it Thieves, and interestingly enough this oil blend was created based on a historical myth of four thieves in France who protected themselves from the Black Death with cloves, rosemary and other herbal aromatics while robbing victims of this killer plague. They ended up captured but with a reduced sentences in exchange for their secret recipe. Now that makes sense for the creation of this oil doesn’t it?

Overall, in our essential oil community, Thieves is a protection oil that has been universally tested and proven to be potently impressive. Personally it’s benefited my family from falling ill too often. From visiting the doctor on a monthly basis, my younger brother hasn’t been to the doctor in almost a year. Instead of ingesting the harmful medications, his minor illnesses caught from time to time are very much controllable with Young Living’s oils. But hey, what works for us, may not work for you. So do you! 😉


I have to be honest. As amazing as this oil is, the smell may come off as a stench to some. When I first had my first whiff, I thought it was horrrrribleeeee! But after letting it diffuse in my room, I actually started to find it very pleasing, especially if it means, killing all you harmful airborne bacteria and moulds. Little by little I started to grow fond of it and I always have it with me when I travel, just in case.

It doesnt mean that when you mix all these herbs up yourself, voila you’ll create your own powerful concoction like Thieves oil. Sure it may be beneficial, but what sets this apart from any other is that Gary Young (the founder and CEO of Young Living) has carefully studied and picked out how each and every herb plantation brings the most potency and benefits. From the soil to seed to water to the part of the plant, everything is mapped out carefully with the utmost detailed research. Say an oil is extracted out best from its flower while others are its small stems while another is from its bark. So I think it’s pretty safe to say you might not be able to replicate the potency of this Thieves blend, no?


But before you use this, there are some very important things to note;
  1. Always dilute it with V-6 Vegetable Oil (by Young Living) if you are to apply it topically as some of the oils in it are considered hot and they may irritate the skin.
  2. It’s best to dilute 2 drops of Thieves with a tespoon of the V6 but if you still find it too warm on your skin, you are more than allowed to apply more V6 oil.
  3. If your skin is feeling hot after applying, do not use water, JUST USE V-6 OIL. V-6 oil is designed to be compatible with the potency of YL oils so it is recommended to avoid other oils.
  4. When ingesting Thieves oil internally, use empty capsule, that you can also purchase from YL, if not mix it with honey, agave, or even the V6 Oil as it is safe for consumption.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.48.53 pm

So how do I use it? Here goes nothing….


  1. Diffuse to help with air circulation and cleansing odours.
  2. Diffuse to support concentration.
  3. Put a few drops on damp tissue and place near AC vents of hotel room to get rid of odour and airborne germs.
  4. Put a few drops on carpet steamer/vacuum cleaner bags to freshen carpets.
  5. Using a glass bottle, use plain water and put a few drops to create a Thieves spray for insect repellants or ‘disinfectants’ for your home. It can be used as cleaning agents for your dishes, tabletops and furnitures alike. You can even spray them on your plants to repel insects.


  1. Apply a 2-3 drops on the soles of feet with V-6 Oil to protect yourself (especially little kids before going to school) and help support your health immune.
  2. Apply to minor burns, bee or wasp stings to neutralize toxins and relieve the pain.
  3. Apply on cold sores/cancer sores with V-6 Oil to ease them.
  4. Apply on your cat or dog’s open wounds to help clean them.
  5. Apply to toes and feet to ease foot fungus.
  6. Apply with V-6 Oil to poison ivy rashes to relive itching.


  1. With a tablespoon of honey/agave/V6 oil, put 5-10 drops and swallow to help with easing sore throat and cough. Do so every 3 hours until it feels better. You can even mix it with Frankincense and Peppermint.
  2. Put a drop on your finger and lightly apply on gums to help with soothing tooth or gum aches.
  3. Add 1 drop to your smoothie/juice/tea to ease phlegm or congestion discomforts, also good for maintaining health immune.
  4. Drop 5-10 drops in empty capsule and ingest every 3 hours to ease cold/flu, while inhaling and diffusing every now and then.

Do keep in mind that these are simply SOME of what you can do with Thieves oil. Know what oils are in this blend and if you do your research and get comfortable with the properties of the different oils, you may be able to use Thieves for anything and everything if you use it right for your body. But also make sure that everyone has different tolerances especially when it comes to skin irritation. It may not mean you are allergic to the oil, it is your body’s way of telling you’re not used to its potency and and thus you will need to apply much of V-6 Oil when you need to. Who knows you might be able to find out new uses from trying it yourself!


*Disclaimer: The information on Yours Naturely is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases, illnesses or imbalances and should not be used in place of medical advice from your health care professionals. It is provided from personal experiences and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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