Oh hey there! I’m Elissa. Welcome to Yours Naturely, where I pen my wild journey to balance.

Balance is my jam, but I center it on wellness. Wellness to me is eliminating the toxic burden of chemicals in my body, nourishing my body with nutritious food but not feeling guilty for fulfilling my foodie pleasures, being comfortable in my own skin and shifting others’ perspectives on wellness while at it. After all, one small change can make all the difference.

I LOVE to travel and being in nature, experimenting recipes in the kitchen, exploring the best food in town with my friends, sweating it out (and whining) with my kettlebells, attempting some tricks on the silks or trapeze clumsily. Other times, I’m cuddling it up with my little brother who has Down Syndrome and Epilepsy. (Special shout out to all my Special Needs siblings out there!) Oh yea, that’s another reason why this whole wild wellness lifestyle speaks to me. I’m committed to living to my best self the most natural way as I can and in doing so achieving the financial and time freedom I’ve always desired for me and my loved ones. I reject the conventional narrative of 9-5 for myself as I want to be able to enjoy my life as I live out my purpose. I don’t want to slave away in an office for years and realize my life has flown by me. No shame to those who do, but it’s simply not how I want my story to go. If this speaks to you, you’re in the right place. Send me a message on my instagram here and we can do this together to create the change we want in our lives.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you gain some food for thought or comfort in between these pages of my reflections. Two heads are better than one so come say hi and we can empower more lives together!

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