Greens and Berries Breakfast Smoothie


Ever since I’ve started on this journey to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, my love for fruits has quickly flourished to an almost ‘obsession’. Guilty as charged! But what’s there to be guilty about? There are so much myths on fruits and their sugar and calorie content. Long story short, if you adopt a clean and low-fat dietary habits, all the sugar and calories from these fruits will not do much to harm your body. Compared to processed sugars, wouldn’t you rather fill your body with these earthly produce instead? Of course, there are complexities within this theory which I’ll talk about more on another post.

Breakfast is definitely of my favourite meals of the day. Breakfast and fruits? Now that’s my daily dose of happiness. Forget additional yogurts or juice concentrates, I take my smoothies au naturel. Don’t diss it till you try it! They’re filling, full of nutrients and oh-so-yummy!

Smoothie Base
1 1/2 sliced bananas (frozen from the night before)
1 peeled and cubed pear (frozen from the night before)
1/2 peeled and cubed peach (frozen from the night before)

Blend in food processor or a good quality strong blender. Set aside.

Green Smoothie
3/4 of blended smoothie base
1 tablespoon of wheatgrass powder or 1 shot of wheatgrass juice

Blend and set aside.

Berries Smoothie
1/4 of blended smoothie base
2 handfuls of frozen mixed berries (I used blackberries and raspberries for this one)

Blend and set aside.

1. Slice kiwis thinly and stick onto insides of glass/jar. The dampness of the fruit will naturally stick themselves onto the glass.
2. Using a spoon, slowly scoop mixture of choice (greens or berries) till half full. Ideally, you’d like to put the thicker mixture at the bottom.ย 
3. Next using a spoon, slowly layer the other smoothie mixture into the glass until fully filled. Here’s a little trick, to make the smoothie glass look fuller, add ice cubes into the glass to fill it up.
4. Add whatever toppings you’d like. I added here some blueberries, dried goji and mulberries for textural variations.

Of course you don’t have to do it this way, but hey a little bit of aesthetic play on your food doesn’t hurt if you have time. You eat with your eyes first and I strongly believe so. Oh and did I mention, I added Young Living’s lemon essential oil to it too? Gives it a bit more ooompfhh in the fragrance department and how can you disregard the benefits of those lemon oils? ๐Ÿ˜›

So let me know you go and post your creations of this recipe on instagram and hashtag #yoursnaturelyrecipes for us to share to everyone too! Have fun and fruit it up!ย 



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