My Quick and Simple Go-To Green Smoothie!

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I remember the first time I made my first ever green smoothie. That was probably 3 years ago and it seemed like a lifetime ago. It was a short-lived stint in trying to be healthy during one of the unhealthiest periods of my life. I had no idea what it really means to be healthy and I simply followed blindly to the stereotyped ‘healthy food’. Back then I had no appreciation or even knowledge of what gorgeous fresh produce meant in your meals. I remember putting the whole bunch of kale (yes, stems and all) with celery and some fruit I can’t recall and the only thing I could taste, was GREEN. And yes it was a blended smoothie. NOT even a juice. I gave up right then and there.

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If I only knew then what I know now… Maybe I wouldn’t have wasted the past few years feeling so bad about myself. But fast forward to 2014-2015, my green smoothie game has been stronger than ever. I dedicated myself to finding out what it really meant to be healthy. Nobody can ever be really perfectly healthy, we’re human. But we can make it our mission to be the best versions of ourselves. And that starts with our health. Mind, body and spirit.

Why do I feel the need for a green smoothie so often in my diet? Firstly, it taste so freakin’ delicious! (If you make it right) Secondly, it’s the easiest source of wholesome and fresh produce I can have. But everyone’s different. With different habits and lifestyles, we all need to adjust our intake of wholesome fresh produce in different ways.


When I’m not out and about with my friends and families indulging in meaty/dairy/sugary foods, I make sure my home-cooked meals are as simple as possible. Let the fresh produce shine for itself. I try (TRY being the key word here) to stick to plant based foods most of the time and limit eating out once or twice a week. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about feeling good. In every sense of the word.

I believe that a healthy dietary habit varies for everyone, but having more fresh vegetables and fruit can never hurt. We have to start somewhere don’t we? Once we’re used to having that as our norm, the unnecessary junk we add to our food will slowly diminish. Good luck!

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Serves: 1

1 banana/peach
1 pear
2 handfuls of baby spinach
Splash of coconut water

  1. Blend all till smooth.
  2. Add more coconut water if you prefer a thinner consistency.
  3. Spruce it up with berries, nuts or gojis for more textures and DEVOUR!



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