Simple Matcha, Coconut and Pistachio Nice Cream

Nice cream is life! Can I say that one more time? NICE CREAM IS LIFE! It’s a smoothie and ice cream hybrid that is way too tempting to ignore. It’s like my frozen smoothie (recipe here) but more ice creamey for sure. It’s so easy and so indulgent-tasting but so much  more nourishing than your usual ice cream. No dairy, no eggs and no chemical additives!

With my love for matcha flavours, I knew I had to make a matcha nice cream that’s easy to make but with a slightly more complex flavour. So in comes coconut. And why not add some pistachio nuts in the mix too? And it’s oh-so-heavenly. The best part of making this, is that you don’t need to churn it. Just prep your sliced bananas and freeze it the night before and on the day of, just bring out your ingredients and pop them in the blender and you’re done! Freeze them for a short period of time and you’ll get a smooth soft serve-like consistency that is irresistible.

IMG_5316 (1)

2 frozen bananas slices
1/3 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup real maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp real matcha powder (but I think you can even go to 3)
pinch of salt
pistachio nuts to mix in

1. Blend frozen bananas, coconut milk, maple, vanilla, matcha powder and salt.
2. Pour onto glass container and mix in pistachios.
3. Freeze for 2 hours depending to get a soft serve consistency.
4. Freeze for longer if making a bigger amount and depending on the type of container you use. The shallower the container, the shorter time you need for  it to freeze. If it’s too frozen, leave it out for awhile before serving.

Try it out! Or get inspired to make your own flavours and let me know in the comments below how you went! 🙂


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