Friday Feeds: How To Make Your Own Frozen Smoothie


So a lot of people has been asking for my frozen smoothie recipes and to tell you the truth, I don’t exactly follow any. To make it look and feel like ice cream is basically to just chop and freeze the fruits the night before. If you want to add fresh vegetables, sure it’ll make it watery but it’ll still be icy if you add more of the frozen fruits ratio.

I usually use a simple white-coloured fruits base with bananas, pears, white dragonfruit and sometimes peaches or nectarines. Afterwhich I will separate them into 2 to 3 parts depending on how many colours I want my frozen smoothie to have. Once I’ve separated them, I add frozen raspberries to make 1 part red, frozen red dragonfruit to make another part pink or purple and wheatgrass powder to another part for green.


Here are some of my favourite base recipes;

Base Recipe #1
1 banana sliced and freeze
1/2 white dragonfruit diced and freeze
1/2 chinese pear diced and freeze

Base Recipe #2
1 banana sliced and freeze
1 small peach diced and freeze
1/2 pear diced and freeze

Base Recipe #3
1/2 mango sliced and freeze
1 small peach diced and freeze
1/2 pear diced and freeze

Once you have these blended, you can do whatever you want to pretty it up! Separate them into however many you want and add whatever extra colourful fruits you like. Some tip; I love wheatgrass powder, maqui berry powder and red dragonfruit for some nutritious and yummy colourful additions to my smoothie ice cream.


 Some things to note;

1. Use high-powered blender or even better a food processor. (Believe me, I’ve broken two blenders before settling for my beloved food processor)
2. I do not use any yogurts, milk or anyy additional and unnecessary concentrates as I like to make it all natural and pure. Some almond milk or coconut water every now and then are good too.
3. Consume them straight after. If you leave it out for too long, not only will they melt, but pure fruit juices and smoothies will oxidize.
4. Keep to frozen fruits and use fresh vegetables like leafy greens or those which are high in water content if you want to mix it up. Avoid blending starchy veggies like carrots and beets as they are difficult for your body to break down, even in blended form.
5. They are great for snacks and meals as they are filling but keep in mind your dieatry habits as you would want to combine these smoothies with a clean and well balanced diet with as little processed food and unhealthy fats as possible.

Have fun with it and share your creations to @yoursnaturely on instagram and tag #yoursnaturelyrecipes. Good luck!




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