My Top 5 Favourite Daily Wellness Rituals

Wellness isn’t a destination, but a balance of an ongoing relationship of the mind, body and soul. A loving and kind relationship that we always need to work on for it to thrive. The smallest of things count towards wellness. Whether it’s from a simple stretch to a therapeutic laugh with a friend, your bio-individuality plays its part.

I myself have found a wellness ritual that I personally need to integrate into my daily life. Without them, I’d probably be a whole big mess. Not that I have it all figured out now, but it gets me through with just a little more peace. I do try my best to make sure I get them all daily but if not, most of them are sufficient enough for a few days at a time.


Morning Hydration
This is a must for me. Do not underestimate the power of plain water when you wake up in the morning. Not lemon water, not coconut water, not juice. But plain water. When we go to sleep, our body is in a natural state of detoxing and cleansing. We’re dehydrated! Once we’re up, we need to hydrate our bodies and help flush out the toxins. It also helps to fire up your metabolism too so why not right? I’ve been drinking at least 500ml, sometimes 700ml of water in the morning when I wake up and it feels great! No more feeling sluggish, brain-fogged and dehydrated in the morning. Of course hydration throughout the day is key too. When we’re dehydrated, our body feels stressed especially the brain, which 75% of it is made up of water, and the kidney which does not need much explanation. Right? I sure hope not.


Going back into yoga has made me feel calmer and grounded. The essence of the yoga practice is to integrate the mind, body and spirit connection with a grounded and positive inner strength. If that makes sense. I try to incorporate yoga every day and if not, a guided meditation helps. There are so many apps and Youtube videos now for all our needed types of meditations and I do suggest if you feel like you’re in a stressed state of mind, try it out. It’s not an easy feat. In fact, it’s pretty hard to do to stay still and be in complete and total focus and relaxation at the same time. You don’t know how much you are in your thoughts when you actually try to do a meditation. Stretching is also another alternative for me as I try to get a calm and clear head while I’m doing so. Any way which way, it goes towards to my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Kitchen Busy Bee
This is something therapeutic to me. Something I genuinely enjoy. Whipping up something healthy in the kitchen. From smoothies, to a yogurt parfait or a delicious vegan salad to a guilt-free baked good. I try to make something daily even the smallest and simplest thing and if not I would look for inspiration on what to make the next time from Instagram or Pinterest and I’d look forward to doing that every time. I encourage anyone who really wants to get on the health & wellness journey to fall in love with cooking. With fresh produce and appreciating natural, organic and non-gmo foods. When you start to get yourself educated on cooking real whole foods, the wagon just keeps you there. I haven’t stopped since.


I’ve never been one to journal but ever since the past couple of months when I really needed a new source of therapy, journaling has unexpectedly helped a ton. Writing everything I was feeling and thinking about down helps to put things into perspective. There’s also something about putting pen to paper and simply writing that feels so different in this day and age where we’re so consumed with technology. I always try to end every entry with something positive or something motivational to keep myself reminded to always be grateful.

IMG_3698 copy

Young Living Essential Oils
This is what’s been a part of my life now for the past two years and I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. At least, I hope not. From relieving my unexpected migraines to calming my stressed self before sleep, the number of therapeutic-grade essential oils on my bedside table is growing. Check out why I use Young Living here.

I hope these 5 of my daily wellness rituals gave you a further insight on what the meaning of wellness is to me. If you’re one to hop on the wagon with me, maybe these tips can help.

Namaste 🙂


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