5 Reasons To Make Your Next Trip A Nature Vacation

The last couple of weeks have been some of the most soul-changing weeks of my life. I went on a 3-week trip to Australia mostly to visit family and friends whom I have yet to meet in awhile. But in-between those lovely reunions I went on a week long journey to explore Tasmania and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.


Amidst the green rolling hills and falling autumn leaves, the simplicity of what Tasmania has to offer was captivating. From Cradle Mountain to Bruny Island, we took our time exploring the outdoors and I found myself falling in love with this oasis. Immersed deep in the mountains, I felt peace washing over me.

Rather than a spiritually exhausting metropolitan trip, I would take this any day. Here’s why.


Time in Nature Helps You to Reconnect with Yourself
You realize just how far away you are from home, how far away you are from your hectic schedules. I found myself tuning out, simply let myself be amazed and lived in the moment. Standing atop of a rock overlooking a peaceful true blue lake, I felt so grateful and blessed. Grateful for being alive, healthy and witnessing this great creation in nature. Being so disconnected from the outside world helped me to ground my perspective on life and reconnected me with myself.


Nature Helps with Stress
According to National Geographic “Compared with people who have lousy window views, those who can see trees and grass have been shown to recover faster in hospitals, perform better in school, and even display less violent behavior in neighborhoods where it’s common.” We are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water engrossing and when a majestic nature scene is in front of us, we’re enthralled and distracted by our stresses and anxieties. With such, our abilities to achieve inner peace is further heightened and our focus on negative emotions slowly fades away.


Adventure in Nature is Good for Health
When we’re free from stress, we naturally feel better. From our stress hormones to heart rate to brain wave, our body physically start to heal. That’s the plain simple truth isn’t it? You can deny it all you want but our mental wellbeing highly influence our physical health. When we’re at peace, our body is less prone to physical stresses. The smell of fresh alpine breeze or hearing the water crashing on the coastal rocks attract us not because the scientists and doctors tell us they’re good for us, but they actually make us feel good. Some Vitamin D and a short hike are also good the health too!


Nature Offers an Authentic Experience
It’s an experience you cannot get when you’re drowned in the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take walks in the garden or a park in the city but fully immersing yourself in the expansive land of pure nature isn’t something you can substitute. Even as I was driving down the long road with bare naked trees and not a single life in the distance, I found myself enthralled and captivated. Experience varies each time you visit a place and maybe and quite possibly, it varies with each passing minute. From being grateful to being moved to feeling at peace, it did for me.


A Trip Into Nature Tests Your Tolerance for Uncertainty
Some things are sincerely out of your control. Especially with nature. You can have beautiful sunshine and blue skies one day and maybe a misty foggy day the next and we had to learn to roll with the punches. It’s a vacation. Maybe it’s okay to simply relax on a holiday and not follow a hectic packed schedule you’re used to when traveling. It tests your patience and tolerance and maybe it’s a time to practice gratitude too. Sure it’s cloudy and I can’t see much but I’m here and the air is fresh and from what I can see, it’s still a majestic view. Some things you just have to let go and let God.


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