Friday Feeds: How To Make Your Own Frozen Smoothie

So a lot of people has been asking for my frozen smoothie recipes and to tell you the truth, I don’t exactly follow any. To make it look and feel like ice cream is basically to just chop and freeze the fruits the night before. If you want to add fresh vegetables, sure it’ll make […]

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Superfood Waffles (Vegan & Non-Vegan options)

Who says healthy has to be tasteless and dull? I admit, I used to be one of the skeptics. How can anybody eat just veg and tofu? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I do like my flavours strong. Slowly but surely, I started discovering a new wave of food. Superfood!Β 

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Clean Pumpkin Carrot Soup Recipe (with Poached Salmon)

I love varieties when it comes to my food cause my palate gets bored pretty easily. Unfortunately! But I LOVE my lunches, from rice paper rolls, to salads to now soups. I was off from a 3-day cha soba salad marathon when I craved for some warm delights to my afternoons.

And that’s when my soup craze started…

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