Quinoa Pudding Recipe

Quinoa Pudding

Just when I was getting bored of quinoa, this genius superfood proves to be an all-round beneficial addition to my diet. In all honesty, I was getting sick of quinoa with my savoury meals. From salads to sushi, I’ve stayed away from quinoa for the longest time and never have I thought it could be made into something so deliciously sweet.

Since my body doesn’t bode well with chia seeds (bowel traffic jam, sorry if it’s TMI but that’s the truth), I was looking for something similar and I thought why not keenwah???

So with some coconut milk, this heavenly pudding is my new craze that I hope you will love too! It doesn’t hurt that quinoa is such a great protein and fiber ingredient for your meals, especially for breakfast. Layer it with your favourite smoothies, top with some fruits or anything you like and you’ll be sure to looooove it.


Quinoa Pudding Recipe

1/2 cup raw quinoa
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup unsweeteened gf-free oat milk/almond milk
1/4 cup Young Living Blue Agave/real maple/raw honey

1. Rinse quinoa a couple of times with cold water to make sure the bitter residue are washed off. I washed the quinoa with 2 drops of Young Living’s lemon oil.
2. In a small pot, place quinoa, milk and sweetener and bring to a rolling boil while stirring.
3. Reduce heat and bring to simmer and close with a lid ajar.
4. Let simmer for 15 – 20 mins while stirring every 5 minutes. Or until quinoa is cooked and thickened.
5. Let cool and serve. It will continue to thicken as it cools and you may add a splash of coconut water to thin the pudding out.
6. Serve with smoothies/fruits/cakes whatever you like and enjoyyyyy!

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