Superfood Guilt-Free Chocolate Truffles


Those who know me well will understand just how much desserts mean to me. From chocolates to pastries, I’ve never been one to compromise. I started falling in love with baking awhile ago and I was hooked since. I guess that’s where I got my cooking bug too and when my wellness journey started, my love for food didn’t change, it simply went bigger and wider. I started loving foods and ideas I never thought I would even give a second thought before. It’s still an educational journey and I don’t foresee it stopping anytime soon. 

So when I got hooked on this new lifestyle, I started trying on dessert recipes and realized how easy it is to make these raw and vegan sweet snacks. When I came across the Raw & Vegan Snickers Bar recipe, I had some leftover base which I wasn’t sure what to do with other than to eat it whole. Then I thought why not make some filled Chocolate Truffles?

You can use the same base recipe and fill them up with any fillings you’d like. From fruit filling to peanut butter, it’s endless! And believe me, you’ll want to make more of those base so that you’ll have MORE of these babies. Put them in pretty boxes and you have yourself a homemade box of chocolate truffles! 🙂


1. Roll base into separate balls evenly
2. Take one ball and mash with palms to form a thick yet flat round shape

Raspberry & Pistachio (MY FAVOURITE COMBO!)
1. Smash frozen/fresh raspberries
2. Take a teaspoon or whatever amount of smashed raspberries and fill onto the center or base
3. Try to cover the raspberries with the other areas and form back into a ball
4. Roll ball onto a plate of ground pistachios

Peanut Butter & Almonds
1. Mix real peanut butter with abit of maple syrup or coconut oil to your liking
2. Same steps as Raspberry & Pistachio’s step 2 & 3
3. Roll ball onto a plate of chopped almonds

1. Use shredded coconut as filling
2. Roll onto plate of dessicated coconut

Cacao Balls
1. Equal parts of cacao powder and coconut oil as filling
2. Roll onto plate of cacao powder

Once done, refrigerate till firm (approx. 3-4 hours). Enjoy them but don’t forget to eat them in moderate quantities at a time!



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