3 Important Tips to Overcome My Fear of Hot Yoga


A couple of years ago I caved into the hype of hot yoga and that experience threw me off that practice completely. Before that I’ve only heard great things about it. From feeling great after a major sweat session to losing weight, I was determined to try it out. They said “try it out!” and that was it. So I got a fellow hot yoga newbie friend of mine and we thought it could be our new ‘thing’.

I could not be MORE wrong.


Apparently, what those avid hot yogis missed out was that the heat was so hot that if you’re not prepared or if you’re not at a 100%, you could faint. Simple as that.

The poses and the practice itself isn’t too overly challenging but it’s the heat that gets to you. At least it did to me. Long story short, I almost passed out. I felt myself slowly shutting out as the teacher’s voice started to fade. It got better throughout the hour but that scared me off and I vowed to never do it again. I’m not saying it would be the same experience for everyone’s first time, but at least that was what happened to me.

It was not until recently (2 weeks ago) that I decided to give it another go and I can now see what they were saying. I had no fainting spells and I was, believe it or not, so energised! This time I realised how much my health and routine has changed over the years. With some research and trials, I found the 3 huge differences between then and now which I feel are so crucial for my hot yoga practice.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
I realised that I was a very dehydration person before. I have always known that hydration is key but it was only the past year that I make sure I am always hydrated. Almost every time I felt sickly or unwell, I knew that I wasn’t drinking enough water. I make sure to drink at least 3L of water a day and with hot yoga, the sweat is more than a bucketload. So you have to be prepared that you’re eating well and you’re properly hydrated before class. I’m not saying to do that right before class cause that will only come back and haunt you. I’m saying eat well and hydrate well days leading up to your hot yoga class and maybe then it’ll become a positive  healthy addition to your daily routine.


Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
You don’t have to but it’s become a routine of mine to apply some Young Living Peppermint oil on my neck arms and back before class to help my body relatively cool down. It also helps with my breathing as I don’t tend to pant as much too. I also added Young Living Peppermint Vitality to my glass water bottle to sip my peppermint water during class and it’s such a refreshing aid. I know some hot yoga classes don’t allow drinking water or at least until allowed so even drinking it before the class helps too!


Breathing Awareness
When I attended my first horrible hot yoga experience, I wasn’t educated on the importance of how to breathe. I should also share that it was a little foolish of me to try hot yoga before understanding the yoga practice beforehand. There is so much to the art of breathing and once I had a full grasp of the concept, I was able to face my phobia right in the sweaty face.


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