My Top 5 Favourite Superfood Powders

I can’t believe it’s already February 2016! Happy 1st day of February 2016! 😛 Time really has flew by especially 2015. If you’ve been following me on my instagram you’d know how much of a smoothie lover I am. I know the past few months I’ve slowed down on my smoothie life because I’m trying to cut down on my sugar/carb intake. I’m trying out a low carb high fat diet (but not very strictly) on days when I’m eating at home. So I do have to plan out what I eat and drink most of the time. The reason why I’m trying out this low carb diet (with healthy fats) is because I’m trying to cut down on inflammatory foods as my body has been quite inflamed lately with being sick the past few months. I might do a separate post on that but that’s for later on. I still do eat my fruits just not as much as before. So let’s see where that takes me yea?

Anyways, despite not taking in much sugar/carbs in my diet, I do still adore my superfood green smoothies. The smoothies I’ve been making recently are quite candida-friendly so they’re low in sugar with lots of greens, healthy fats and huge dash of superfood powders. WIN! (Link to the recipe here)

With so much hype on these superfood powders, they really are nutritional depending on how you take it. If you’re taking these superfood powders with sugary drinks then that’s not really all that great is it? Pair it with whole and healthy smoothies or juices and you’re good to go! So here are my 5 favourite superfood powders of all time. Try it out and let me know watcha think 🙂

Superfood Faves

Hemp Protein
Such a great source of plant-based protein so even vegans can enjoy. They don’t have that strong a taste or smell, just a subtle nutty flavour so they just make your smoothies that much more yums! They’re made from hemp seeds which also has a great abundance of omega-fatty acids, fiber and minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. You can even use these ancient plant powders in one of your protein bakes so that right there is a yes for me!

This micro-algae powder is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory source of amino acids and omega-6 fats which has also been studied to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. If that’s not enough, spirulina is also vegan-friendly as not only is it plant-based but it’s also rich in Vitamin B12 which is normally found in foods of animal origin. The taste can be pretty strong so I usually recommend having just a touch of it first to try in your smoothies before you can get used to it.

Wheatgrass has always been a nutritional powerhouse so of course it’s one of my favourites. Don’t worry just because it has the word ‘wheat’ in it, it does not contain any of the gluten found in wheat, so gluten-free foodies, you’re in the clear. For me to state the benefits of wheat grass would probably take me forever. So ‘powerhouse’ really is an understatement as it contains the different types vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidant protection for your pH balance, liver, metabolism, digestion and inflammation helping your body to thrive the way it should. YEAS!

Mulberry Leaf
I’ve only recently started with mulberry leaf powder which I got when I was in Japan last month. I first tried it in an iced tea form which my parents said ‘tasted too green’. Maybe it’s my weird taste, but I actually liked it. It turns out mulberry leaves are high in protein, antioxidants and most importantly it helps with controlling blood sugar levels and lowering your LDL-cholesterol due to the enzymes. Here’s the winner, studies have shown that mulberry leaves powder have properties that surpasses even green tea! 6 times more calcium and 2.5 times more iron (10x more than spinach) than green tea, they’re also full of Vitamin A, B and C. Errmm… yes, please.

Maqui Berry
This South American native is one of my favourites not only cause of the nutritional benefits, but also its delicious flavour and smell. Heavenly… Among the omega-fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, this exceptionally strong antioxidant gem is quite possibly the best compared to other berries you know. What do I mean by that? Most berries contain an antioxidant powerhouse, anthocyanin, which gives them the vibrant colours. Other than staining your kitchen towels, these anthocyanin helps to remove free radicals in your body which helps with inflammatory diseases. This super berry is known to have the highest of this antioxidant value of any known fruit. Yes, including the acai.


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