My Ultimate Essential Oils Travel Kit

Traveling is such a blessing but it can also be extremely taxing on your body. You’re taken out of your normal routine, which is great, but it’s also a disruption. Adapting your body to new environments can be tough especially if you’re someone like me who is used to specific routine for certain…. rest room timing. If you get my drift. I’m also accident prone so I do get my occasional sprains here and there pretty easily. Not to mention I used to have bad nose and skin allergies to dust mite, insects or whatever dirt. Yes high maintenance I know.

So traveling has always been burdened with huge medicine bags for ‘in-case’ scenarios. But well, those days are long gone. Ever since my family was introduced to the world of Young Living and their therapeutic essential oils, we’ve slowly traded in our medicine cabinets and bags for the little precious bottles of plant resin. I’m sure you know why by now. Being the only essential oil company in the world to have its own farms and distilleries all over the globe, I’ve seen first hand the hard work they’ve put in from Seed to Seal. Check out last week’s post about my visit to their Ecuador farm last year here!

So with that said, here are the must-haves for my travel kit.

EO Travel Kit

Not just my travel must-have but my all-time must-have. Wherever I go, this baby goes with me. From easing my aches to cooling my body during hot weather, it’s also a great refreshing addition to my favourite teas.

Such a calming oil for anything and everything. It has also helped with soothing minor cuts, burns and scrapes so with my accident-prone self, it’s definitely a must for my travels.

Traveling also means satisfying my foodie belly which can cause a whole lot of uneasiness with bloating and lack of bowel movements. Digize has a blend of herbaceous essential oils that is warming for the stomach helping to ease stomach discomforts.

Copaiba has been known in ancient times to help soothe irritation from the skin to even your joints. I have a great story for this one. I almost lost my voice as my throat got sore and raspy after a full day of screaming at Disneyland one day. So I dripped 6-8 drops of Copaiba into my mouth before I went to sleep twice and when I woke up the next day, my throat was totally fine. YEAS!

R.C. has a blend of eucalyptus oils among others which supports your respiratory system. With my sensitive nose this oil blend is undoubtedly necessary for my travel kit.

Sacred Frankincense
An ancient biblical oil exclusive to Young Living’s cultivation, it is one of the rarest aromatics that comes from Oman. It is beneficial for almost any occasions to support your overall health from cellular to skin. Sacred Frankincense is also one of the most calming oils which helps to promote a higher level of meditation and spiritual awareness.

Purification is such a cleansing and purifying oil. For a person who is extremely aware of dirt and insects when traveling, this is the first oil I use every time I check in to a hotel room, by dripping some drops on the bed and carpets. Not only is it cleansing it also helps to neutralize the unwanted odour you sometimes get in hotels. Drip 1-2 drops on a damp tissue, it works just like a mini diffuser 😉

This beautiful blend of oil is a must because of its ability to help with feeling confident in the face of adversity. Also known for its self-correcting use of body balance and aligning, this was one of my saving graces for when I injured my knee at a cruise ship last year.

A blend of beautifully therapeutic spices, this blend is perfect to support the immune system when traveling. Apply 1-2 drops on the soles of your foot every morning before you leave for your day of adventure, it works as such a great protective aid.

After a whole day of wandering around a new city, it takes a toll on your body especially when the aches come. So this wonderful blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint is the go-to concoction to ease those muscles and ligaments discomfort. Pains pains go away!

The name speaks for itself. It helps to bring out the joyous energy in you and the people around you. It has a floral aroma that’s also perfect to use as a perfume.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
This dermatologist tested waterless hand purifier is my go-to hand sanitizer to cleanse and refresh my hands mixed with the use of Thieves oil blend. It’s waterless with natural aloe vera and vegetable glycerin to help moisturize and condition your hands as well!

V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex
This is a must for anyone who use the essential oils in case for when your skin can’t take too much heat form the herbaceous oils. I usually have a small glass bottle of this to bring around instead of the whole 8oz. of it.

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