7 Positive Affirmations To End Your Day With


It’s done. You can’t turn back the clock. Some things happen whether or not it’s of your control. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t and you just have to take it in stride. We know how stress is never a good thing and going to bed with that heavy heart is an even worse crime. I know I’ve been guilty of that.

When you’re driven with worry, you leave more space for negative thoughts to seep in, especially at night before you sleep. The more stress, the more worry and the later you sleep and that’s how you get chronic insomnia. Going to bed on a positive note not only lets you sleep better, but studies have also shown that it wakes you up on an even better note the morning after.

Wherever your thoughts lead you, here are 7 nightly quote mantras to end your day on a lighter note, whether or not you had a bad day. After all, there is always room for more positivity.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” – Lucille Ball

I adore this quote by the famous I Love Lucy icon and it cannot be any further from the truth. Before you can establish a good relationship with anyone else in your life, you need to cultivate a good one first with yourself. The foundation of it all is to understand your own self and staying true to that. Understandably, it takes time to unravel those depths of patience and for most, it will be a lifelong journey. And that’s okay. Know who you are, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, appreciate yourself and be kind to yourself. And in time, you will find a best friend in that person staring back at you in the mirror. No one can do a better you than you can and that’s a beautiful thing to remind yourself with day in, day out.

“Breathe. It’s just a bad day. Not a bad life.”

One day. One day out of your tens of thousands of days. It’s okay. YOU are okay. You have the rest of your life for better days. Take a deep breath and be reminded that the important thing is, tonight you are okay. Don’t limit yourself for what you can’t take back cause chances are there is nothing else to do but to keep going forward. Better days have yet to come and that’s the gift of life. That’s the gift of your life.

“I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

Believe it or not, your mental game is either your strongest or weakest trait. Being your own best friend or your own worst enemy depends on what’s up there swimming in your head. Let’s face it, of course you can’t exactly accomplish ANYTHING we want. But those goals that you want to accomplish in your life, that little voice inside saying “Yes, I can do this”, those are the things you need to not let slip. Don’t let doubts and worries be the reason you didn’t even try and definitely do NOT let it be the reason you can’t sleep at night.

“I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.”

Whatever the circumstances are, know that you are enough. Go to sleep knowing you’ve done all you can today. Maybe you need to be slimmer, maybe you need to earn more money, maybe you need to do more with your life. Maybe the reality, is you need to realize you are enough. Yes, you’ve things to work on, but so what? You’ll work on it but know that those things are never tied to your self-worth and whatever the circumstances you are in, you are enough just as you are.

“I am thankful for yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Every day is another chance for you to seize the day. Be thankful that you had a yesterday because it means you’re still here in the present and it’s a pretty great place to be. Be thankful for today and tonight for you can still cherish the moment, however trivial it may seem. Be thankful for tomorrow because tomorrow is another day and another chance for you to experience and learn from the past. Be grateful and be excited!

“Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day.”

We can’t expect to have the whole day filled with nothing but good but how is it that when something goes awry, it’s so easy for us to deem it as a bad day? Maybe you made a mistake or maybe there was an unfortunate matter. Take your time and dwell on it but once you’re done, brush it off and let it go. There must be something else you can be happy about from today? Something else that made you smile? Bad things happen every day, you just have to find it in you to not let it take over you and be grateful for everything else in-between.

“I am centered. I am balanced. I am at peace.”

Being grounded is possibly one of the most overlooked achievement one can strive for. It isn’t easy but there’s no harm in trying right? In order to grow and to expand your horizons, you first need to meet yourself where you are at. Be at peace with yourself, your life, your family and your loved ones. Only then are you balanced and grounded and only then can you find your way onto the next chapter of your life.

I have to admit these aren’t as easy as it looks. They may seem so trivial to some but to those who need them most, to those who are having a hard time finding their strength, I hope these affirmations help you in your journey of self-discovery and self-love.

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